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Director of publication: Yves JAY
Legal deposit to release.
Participated in the development of the No.: Yves JAY - J.F. GIRAUD
Joëlle PERRET - Geneviève and Gérard inspire
Germaine FRANCON
Photos: G. inspire - V. JAY - y. JAY
Printing by the commune of RUFFIEU

Thanks to Mr. JAY for this newspaper, and thank you to all volunteers!

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January 2014

At the beginning of the year, I present my very sincere wishes for 2014 to my fellow citizens: health, professional success for active, successful year for our producers, success in studies, or for entry into life active for our youth, a life calm and serene for retirees, and finally a new mayor and his Council to listen to all.
As you certainly know, I do not represent me for the Mayor. For three years, I dedicated myself to the management of the commune with the help of assistants, Germaine, Geneviève and Jean-François with the Council. Task very involved, too involved, with its successes and its failures, its difficult moments or real pleasure. Life of Mayor that I had not scheduled... (to follow the newspaper)

August 2013

During the first half of 2013, the village life was marked by several important events.
Distressing. The wind project on the Valromey, in which the commune participated is abandoned. The company OSTWIND ruled, following the measures of the amount of wind, that the project is not profitable. This is unfortunate for the production of renewable energy and for the finances of the municipality. Even if there were some downsides...  (to follow the newspaper)

January 2013

There is still time to present my best wishes to all the inhabitants of the commune: health, success and happiness. In 2012, our projects progressed. You can learn about the latest developments in this newsletter...  (to follow the newspaper)

August 2012


A year has passed since my election to the office of Mayor. In the municipal elections of 2008, I proposed to the candidate to be on his list to make the village a bit of my free time and ensure a presence of the Council in the field. Following the resignation of Hervé LEVEQUE, I continued the action that I had committed, by agreeing to be Mayor. The entire municipal team works with tenacity because the implementation of records still coming more slowly as we wish...  (to follow the newspaper)

February 2012


Eight months have already elapsed since my election to the post of Mayor. I have worked with the City Council, in three main directions:

* Represent the commune in meetings of official bodies, both to show the presence and interest of Ruffieu, but also to train me... (to follow the newspaper)

June 2011


It's the new mayor, Yves JAY, who is for you. As you know, Hervé LEVEQUE has left his post as Mayor. I want to thank, on behalf of all, for the time and energy he has devoted to the commune during many years as first counselor, then as Mayor from 2002 to 2011. Under his leadership, the commune has renovated the Town Hall: welcoming secretariat, functional Board room, multipurpose room adapted to the needs of local associations...  (to follow the newspaper)

December 2010

Dear friends
A new year 2010 ending with as per usual the observation that we have to make the objectives that we had set. We had to start renovations of our bed and particularly children's old school but gave up due to increase in the current rent. Not counting that formerly prolix AIDS are reduced today to their simpler expressions or even null...  (to follow the newspaper)