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2 important information.

1 / European days of heritage 2017

Organizers and the commune decided to cancel the planned surprise rally on September 17 (announced in the small Ruffiolan No. 23).
It was to take place along paths of the commune in the middle of the boxwood dried by ECB of boxwood. The participants of the com - com Bugey-South were likely to be many where risk of fire starts.

2 / reminder regarding the burning of plant waste

It is permitted under certain conditions in communes with less than 2,000 inhabitants:
-It excludes plant waste to high moisture content (grass, leaves by ex.)
-It prohibited the addition of products to enable burning
-It is at a minimum distance of 25 m from the houses and lanes of traffic, 200 m from forest and 10 m of overhead power lines
-It can be done only after the Sunrise of the day and before 20:00 (total extinction)
-It is forbidden the windy days
-It is excluded during the period between June 15 and September 15.

Burning must be done under the supervision a person who must have permanent, nearby, the means to extinguish the fire at any time. She must leave the premises after the total extinction of the fire (we can also sprinkle the ashes).
Caution: Watch the presence near the boxwood dried by the ECB.

The September 15 date is theoretical. Despite a few showers in recent days, the Department of Ain is still in drought alert. So patience...

Thank you for the message around you.

Kind regards.