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Ruffieu is a small town in the center of France, located in the department of Ain and Rhone-Alpes region. It is part of the Community of communes "du Bugey Sud" since January 1, 2017.

The Inhabitants of this commune Ruffieu are called:
"The Ruffiolans and Ruffiolanes."

The 191 inhabitants (in June 2017) of the village of Ruffieu live on a total area of 14 km2 with a density of 13 inhabitants per km2 and an average altitude of 740 m.

The neighboring villages are Hotonnes, Lompnieu, Le Petit-Abergement, Sutrieu, Le Grand-Abergement.


The nearest cities of Ruffieu are Oyonnax 43.3 km Aix-les-bains at 49.4 km, Bourg en Bresse to 65.6 km, Annecy to 65.4 km, 68 km, Geneva 71 km and Lyon to 99.1 Chambéry km

The nearest international airports are those of Geneva to 66.4 km and that of Lyon Saint Exupéry to 93.9 km.

The stations closest to Ruffieu lie at Virieu-le-Grand (19.4 kilometers), Corbonod (31.7 kilometres), Tenay (25.2 kilometers), Culoz (23.6 kilometers), Oakland (29.4 kilometers).


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  • mairie ruffieu
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Town Hall
40 street from the Town Hall
Ruffieu 01260

Tel: + 33 4 79 87 71 93
Fax: + 33 4 79 87 73 04

The village's current mayor is Mr. Éric Pillard.

The Council (elected March 30, 2014):

1st Assistant: Madeleine MIDOL
2nd Deputy: Mr. Gérard inspire
3rd Deputy: Mr. Yves JAY
Mr. Michel BAILLY
M. Marie-Hélène CHIOCCA
M. Corinne GONGUET
Mr. Christian SCALI
Mr. François SOUSTRE
Ms. Martine VARENNE
Ms. Marie-Dominique VIDAL

To perform all of your paperwork (birth, marriage,
death), you can contact the Mary by phone or by email.

Opening hours of the Town Hall:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
From 13:30 to 18: 00.

The Secretariat of the Town Hall is Emilie.

Postal code: 01260
Code INSEE: 01330
SIREN: 210 103 305
Intracommunity VAT number: FR 47 210103305

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The coat of arms of Ain

  • Blason département de l'Ain
  • Blason Champagne-en-Valromey
  • Blason de la région Rhône-Alpes

Ecartelé, the first: the bypassed ermine lion azure.
The second: azure to the three morailles of gold stored in pal and the head of a decreasing lion gules charged money.
Third: azure three Golden lily flower and batting perished in band of reds.
Fourth: the ermine lion gules; on the quartered a silver trefoil cross.
Districts represent respectively:

1 - the Bresse region, symbolized by the coat of arms of the Lords of Bagey (of azure to bypass lion ermine) who owned the lordship.

2 - Gex, symbolized by the coat of arms of the Lords of Joinville (from azure to the three morailles of gold stored in pal and the head of the responsible money of a possessed lion gules) who owned the lordship.

3 - Dombes, symbolized by the
coat of arms of the Lords of Bourbon (of azure with three Golden lily flowers and staff perished in band of reds) who owned the lordship.

4 - the Bugey, symbolized by the arms of their Lords (of the ermine lion gules).

The trefoil cross is that of the order of Saint Maurice in the memory of the Dukes of Savoy, Grand Masters of the order, Lords of the Bresse and the country of Gex in the 16th century.

Communauté de communes 

perimetre de la communaute du bugey sud



The commune of Valromey is a former community of communes located in the department of Ain.

It was dissolved on January 1, 2017 following the attachment of all its municipalities to the Bugey Sud Community of Communes.

The Community Council is the deliberative body. It is composed of 80 delegates elected by the municipal councils of the member municipalities.

Its main functions are: the budget vote, the vote of the administrative account, the examination of the projects of development and the development of the territory.
It also defines the rules governing the functioning of the Community of Municipalities, in particular the organization of decisions.

Ruffieu has been attached to this community since January 1, 2017, with the titular delegate Mrs MIDOL Madeleine and as delegate delegate Mr JAY Yves.


The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses carried out in the commune since 1793.

As from 1 January 2009, the legal populations of municipalities are published annually as part of a census, which is now based on an annual collection of information, successively covering all the communal territories over a five-year period. For municipalities with less than 10 000 inhabitants, a census survey covering the whole population is carried out every five years, the legal populations of the intermediate years being estimated by interpolation or extrapolation.

For the municipality, the first exhaustive census under the new system was carried out in 2005.

In 2014, the municipality had 187 inhabitants, a decrease of -2.09% compared to 2009 (Ain: 5.95%, France excluding Mayotte: 2.49%).

In April 2017, the municipality had 193 inhabitants. Ruffieu (01260) thus shows a rise of 7.22% of its population over the last 5 years
demographie a ruffieu


Haut-Bugey has warm summers in a semi-continental climate, favorable to the cultivation of certain grape varieties, but with heavy precipitation. The winters are marked by the mountainous influence, a little softened by the last oceanic influences coming up against the mountains, bringing important precipitations at the foot of the reliefs.

The following table gives the monthly averages of temperature and precipitation for the Oyonnax station collected in 2007. This weather station is located about 25 km from Ruffieu to "bird's eye"

temperature a ruffieu

Weather Station Ruffieu

Rain (2017)

Temperatures recorded (2016)

Wind (2017)


Ldh/EHESS/Cassini jusqu'en 1999 puis Insee à partir de 2006.

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